• GCC AR-24 - 24" Cutting Plotter

GCC AR-24 - 24" Cutting Plotter

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  • Model: AR-24
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The best choice in a beginner cutting plotter.

With the possession of a posh style, AR-24 performs perfectly in cutting with its optimized cutting speed and force and lead to a stunning cutting quality, yet it is priced at a startup level and is worthy of return on investment.

Superior functionality

GCC AR-24 is built to achieve the optimized cutting abilities with the maximum of 15.7ips (400 mm/sec) cutting speed and 250 grams cutting force; moreover, the cutting width of up to 23.6" support a wide range of applications.

Guarantee 1meter tracking

GCC AR-24 is equipped with a stable drum that can guarantee 1 meter tracking to ensure quality outputs and saves you from wasted material and cost.

Dual port connectivity

GCC AR-24 supports dual-port connectivity with USB and serial ports. The USB port provides faster data transmission between the computer and GCC AR-24. Dual-port connectivity provides sign makers with great flexibility for data transmission.

Handy grooved cut-off tool

This handy and innovative design allows you to cut off a finished job in a straight line easily reducing the possibility of wasting usable material.

User-friendly interface

In addition to an ease of use control panel, AR-24 offers the special VLCD software, which provides a simple and intuitive workflow for users of all levels.

Windows Drivers

GCC AR-24 includes a “one click” Windows driver that allows sign makers to edit signs from CorelDraw and output directly to AR-24. It is very simple and easy to make signs with AR-24.


Operational Method


Max. Cutting Width

600mm (23.6")

Max. Cutting Length

50m (164')

Max. Media Loading Width

71.9cm (28.3")

Number of Pinch Rollers


Acceptable Material Thickness

0.8mm (0.03")

Drive Motor

Stepper motor

Cutting Force

5~250 g

Max. Cutting Speed

552 mm /sec (21.7 ips) (at 45° direction)


0~1.0 mm (with an increase of 0.025mm)

Memory Buffer

1 MB


USB 2.0 (Full Speed), Serial (RS-232C)

Type of Command


Mechanical Resolution

0.012 mm

Software Resolution

0.025 mm

Distance Accuracy

±0.254 mm or ±0.1% of move, whichever is greater



Guaranteed Tracking


Automatic-Aligning System(AAS II)


Over Cut


Curve & Arc Smoothing


Configurable Origin


Test Cut capability


Tangential mode






Diameter of Blade

2.5 mm

Control Keys

10 Control keys and 2 LED

Power Supply

AC adapter, 24V DC (1.67A)

Power Consumption

65.5 watts

Operation Temperature

15° C~30° C / 60°F~86° F

Operation Humidity



1 Year Limited


  • Compatible with Windows 7 and above & MAC OS X 10.6 and above. (*Purchasing serial number for “Sure Cuts A Lot” software to work with Mac OS.)

  • The specification and data sheet may vary with different materials used. In order to obtain the best output quality, please maintain the machine regularly and properly.

  • GCC reserves the right to change the specifications at any time without notice.

  • GCC certified material in tracking is Avery MPI 3000.

  • The above listed specification values are effective only when operated with media certified by GCC.

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