• GCC i-Craft - 12" Cutting Plotter

GCC i-Craft - 12" Cutting Plotter

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  • Model: i-Craft
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Turn your creativity into real business. i-Craft™, a portable desktop cutting plotter with the highest cutting force and cutting speed, ideal for micro-business, startups, schools, restaurants, offices and stores. Enter the business with affordable initial investment, as its ease of use interface, ready clipart, precise and versatile cutting capability and AAS II contour cutting module which creates the most possibilities in iron-on, display, packaging, rhinestone decals, labels, fabric, and more.

Enhanced AAS II Contour Cutting System

With AAS II contour cuttinig system, users can print graphics and use i-Craft™ to cut the contour automatically to complete a diverity of designs in an easy way, including stickers, décor, cards and so on.

250 Grams of Cutting Force

The maximum of 250g cutting force extends the applicability of a i-Craft™ which can cut various materals, such as cardstock paper, heat transfer paper, tattoo paper and soft magnetic.

Rhinestone Application

Thanks to the superior cutting force and standard software function, i-Craft™ handles rhinestone stencil cutting with ease, people are amazed with its great versatility.

SD Card Slot

With the use of SD card, users can create their designs wherever they want and save it to SD card for later uses. i-Craft™ eliminates the limitation of creation.
(Note: SD card is an optional item.)

Auto-adjusted Blade

i-Craft™ is equipped with an auto-adjusted blade, so users can cut the designs perfectly without complicated balde adjustment procedure.

Adhesive Sheet

Adhesive sheet can be used to fix different materials from card stock to soft magnet. It provides a very common used cutting area, 12 x 12 inches, and a more extensive cutting area, 12 x 24 inches (optional item)

Intuitive AP Software and Driver

i-Craft™ standard software is compatible with a diversity of file formats including SVG, PDF, AI, EPS, PLT, PNG, and WPC, providing the optimum compatibility. Better than that, GCC exclusive driver for i-Craft™ allows users to use familiar design software and print to i-Craft™ via driver with ease, extending the compatibility and user friendliness.

Large LCM Screen

The large LCM screen can show the selected function and make it easy to operate. Ease of use user interface turns every user to be a scrapbooking expert.

  • Compatible with Windows 7 and above & MAC OS X 10.6 and above. (*Using “Sure Cuts A Lot” software to work with Mac OS.)

  • The specification and data sheet may vary with different materials used. In order to obtain the best output quality, please maintain the machine regularly and properly.

  • GCC reserves the right to change the specifications at any time without notice.

  • GCC certified material in tracking is Avery MPI 3000.

  • The above listed specification values are effective only when operated with media certified by GCC.

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