About Us

"TOM3C.COM" was created by TOMS HARDWARE (PG0256714-X) founded on December 2009 in Penang, and completely managed by TOM NETWORK ENTERPRISE (PG0400632-H) since August 2016. We are one of the earlier ecommerce website in Malaysia, we have been operating since the years e-tailing are difficult, when online shopping are not so common in Malaysia. Back in the times before we start selling online, we providing computer, printer and network maintenance service in Penang Island, when the numbers of satisfied customers increasing, we became a reseller for computers, communications devices & consumer electronics. We started from promoting on our blog and selling on other online marketplace, then we developed and start selling on our very own ecommerce website. On year 2018 we start changing our direction to auto parts and accessories market, specialized on Hyundai/KIA genuine parts and other branded aftermarket parts. We will keep searching for partnering with the top and good supplier for all of our products, we selling high quality products at reasonable prices. We have sold our products across Malaysia and to oversea since we started selling online, and we hope to satisfy more customers with our ability for many years to comes, your satisfaction is our motivation.